Significant changes in our offer


We are modifying set of available products, please see below fordetailed information.


1. Color  ORZECH CIEMNY will be available for doors FLATat both sizes 80 and 90E.

Doors Delta SPECIAL
1. Color  ANTRACYT will be available for doors FLATat size 90E.

Doors Delta PREMIUM
1.  Color  ANTRACYT will be available at size 80N  for doors FLAT and pressed TRENTO.

For this model of doorswill also be available steel frames of profiles PU, PD, 150, PN 150.

We finish production of door frames profile P55 for these doors.


2. We introduce color VENGE,for size 80N and 90Efor doors pressed TRENTO.


Additionally for size 90E wil also be available  glazing model MODERN with frames both INOX and PVC.


3. We stop production of doors PREMIUM pressed PARMA,colors: VENGE and MAHONEY at sizes 80N and 90E.

Since now PARMA pattern will be available at doors SPECIAL.