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Electromechanical handles

Electromechanical handles Delta GI2324 opened with a numerical code or proximity card are highly recommended in houses and offices as an indoor or outdoor lock. Whereas the electronic handles Delta GZF opened with a fingerprint or numerical code are suitable for indoor only. Both can be used wherever you do not want to carry the key and the burglary risk is minor. The system blocks only the usage of the external handle, which is unjoined from the lock’s latch. The handles could be disconnected permanently or temporarily, so called “permanently open” function, for example, during a family meeting. Anytime it is possible to open the door from the outside with a cylinder key or from the inside using the internal handle. Locking the cylinder with the key causes mechanical pull out of the bolt, which enables any other way of opening the door without using the cylinder key. Handles with DELTA electromechanical lock could be used in any type of DELTA doors, as well as in the majority of doors of other producers available on the market.

NOTE! The order for  the handles with the electromechanical lock should always include the information on the door opening side and direction, i.e.: right, opened inside.