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Decorative panels

In cooperation with Polish internal door producer DRE company from Elbląg, we are offering additional decorative facings (panels) in colours DRE - Cell Decor: golden oak rib and dark walnut rib.

MDF panels in thickness of 4mm are an additional element that could be used in Delta Special, Premium or De Luxe doors, but only in internal doors, flat entrance doors, in sizes 80N and 90E and in two versions of TRENTO pattern: plain and pressed. They perfectly fit to internal DRE doors in those two, the most popular facings.

Additionally two-sidedly installed panels increase the acoustic protection factor being very important in flat entrance doors.
Decorative panels are fixed to the door leaf by steel profiles in golden oak and dark walnut colours, same as on our company’s frames.

NOTE !!!
Colouring of decorative panels DRE - Cell Decor golden oak rib and dark walnut rib may be slightly different from the colouring of fixing profiles and frames.
Please check the differences in colours between panels and frames before purchase.
In doors with panels there is not possible to install an opening limiter.
For panel doors we use ONLY oak threshold with P or PD profile.
DELTA doors with panels could be shortened by 5cm ONLY by producer.